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Rock 102 Rock Star Correspondent

Wanna be Rock 102’s exclusive Rock Star Correspondent?

It’s tough work!

A free pass to all our biggest shows:

  • Rock the River – August 17 / 18 / 19 – Weekend Pass
  • Alice Cooper – August 25th
  • Black Pistol Fire – August 27th
  • Metallica – September 15th
  • Mellencamp – October 29th
  • AND an all-expenses paid trip to the Foo Fighters sold out show in Edmonton on September 4th supporting their new album “Concrete & Gold.”

What’s the catch? The morning after, you give us the deets on the show… think you can manage that?


Complete the application form below.

We could call you for an interview to qualify!

Then, all the qualifiers will join us at Bugsy’s Bar & Grill as we select the best candidate.


We’ve got additional prizes from:

  • Tommy Guns Original Barbershop
  • Yip Hong’s
  • Headspace Floatation
  • Rhino Repair Small Engine Specialists
  • Premium Label Outlet
  • MR MIKES Steakhouse Casual

First & Last Name:
Cell Phone Number:
Email Address:
Are you available to attend all of the concerts listed above?:
What was your favorite concert?:
After a hard night at a kick ass concert, can you clearly and excitedly spit out sentences with your thoughts on that show?:
How do you handle a hangover when you have to work the day after?:
What will you do to make ROCK 102 proud to have you as our Rock Star Correspondent?:
* = Required Field
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